21 Questions With Me!

1. I’m addicted to: reality tv (especially every housewives you can think of, bachelorette, kardashians, you name it, I watch it)

2. I’m obsessed with: shopping (shopping for clothes, shoes, electronics, home decor, baby stuff, you name it)

3. My best friend is: My Man! and my mommy!

4. The person I most respect in my life: is my Dad (He’s the hardest working man I know, who came from nothing)

5. I love: My pup, my man, my friends, and my camera!

6. Fav Color: Turquoise!

7. Fav Activity: Photography (all my pictures on the blog are my own!)

8. Fav Food: Crazy question right now… I’m preggo remember….So I like everything!!

9. I want to travel to: thailand, Italy and Ireland

10. Biggest Fear: snakes, bugs, serial killers

11. Siblings: 1 brother, 1 sister, I am the oldest!

12. Fav thing about my man: his huge heart, he is the most incredibly loving person I know!

13. Fav movie: Grease!

14: Spiritual Beliefs: I am nondenominational christian. I believe in loving and accepting all that is and everyone exactly as they are. I believe in the love of God and Jesus Christ!

15. Hair Color: Whatever my stylist makes it that month!

16: Broken bones: only my fingers and toes

17: Best advice: Being confident starts with a smile!

18: Ideal job: event planner or fashion photographer

19: Beach or snow: Both!

20: Fav music: anything Nsync, Spice Girls, or Backstreet Boys duh!!

21: Worst Habit: Being a perfectionist!