Real Girls Kitchen


First and foremost,

can we talk about how gorgeous this girl is?

Haylie Duff is not only an actress, but is quite the foodie.

She started out a few years ago writing a simple blog about food that she loved.

Food that was good for her, and tasted amazing.

She’ll be the first to admit that it took some time to get things down in the kitchen, but she finally realized how important it was to eat food that would do her justice.

Here comes the great part.

Not only does she have a great blog with recipes,

restaurant reviews, and tips on how to eat and live healthy,

she has a book with all of her favorite healthy recipes.


The real girls kitchen.

This book encompasses all that you need to know when trying to live and eat healthy.


tips and tricks,

and even why you shouldn’t eat certain things.

For example,

did you know that salad dressing are only supposed to last you a week?

So why is your salad dressing have an expiration date of next year?

Because it’s full of chemicals and preservatives,

that are frankly,

ruining your body,

and here’s the shocker,

Your metabolism!!

So check out Haylie’s amazing book the Real Girls Kitchen.

You won’t be disappointed!


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