This Rawsome Vegan Life

If you can’t tell already,

I’m obsessed with sweets.

Like can’t live without them.

So when I’m trying to trim down, it’s always a struggle trying to find something that’s healthy and satisfying.

Until I found this lady!

Meet Emily!

I love her awesome story. She fully believes in living life to the fullest, and enjoying every single day.

And did I mention her recipes are sooo delicous!

Check out her amazing blog

I promise once you start making her sweet treats,

You won’t make anything else!



My name is Emily von Euw and I am the creator of a food blog called This Rawsome Vegan Life. On my website I make, photograph and share raw vegan recipes; I’ve come to be known for my desserts, but I’ll have some savoury recipes from time to time too. I began my blog around 2 years ago at the suggestion of friends and family. At first, my photos were basically terrible and my posts were more of a personal journal but as time went by, my photography improved and my blog became increasingly popular. Now I have a book deal, an award-winning website, and an army of fans that are far too kind and loving. I can’t complain. I am absolutely blessed to be where and I am and personally I think I’ve got the best job in the world!

My mission is to inspire others to live happy, wholesome lives by leading healthy, active ones – you can’t be happy if you aren’t healthy! I am not here to preach, judge or offend. I am merely here to give you brownies. I believe we all are walking our own special paths in life and I don’t feel I have the right to condemn or condone the life choices of others, because ultimately there are no right or wrong paths; simply different ones. Having said that, I will now give you some pointers on living a vegan lifestyle as well as some insights about my own, if you so choose to read on. Keep in mind these are my personal opinions and thoughts which I have formed after going through my own experiences. To each their own; do what works for you.

Love yourself. That is the most important piece of advice I can give for anyone wishing to live a healthy life. Happiness and health codependent; you cannot have one with the other. Likewise, you cannot reach your full potential for happiness if you don’t first love yourself. This lays the first stone in a solid foundation of wellness on which your happiness can later be built throughout your lifetime. The next step is growing your physical health. How does one go about this? It’s simple: you eat whole foods, mostly plants, with a large amount of your diet remaining raw; drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, exercise daily, laugh, dance and sun bathe. Bam.

Living this way is a choice I make every day, and I am consistently filled with joy, gratitude, and admiration for myself, others and the vibrant world which surrounds me. My daily routine is ever-changing (then again, isn’t everything?) but here is what an normal day of this summer looks like: I wake up, drink a glass of water, work out, shower, make a huge glass of juice or a smoothie, enjoy it in the sun, work on my blog or my cookbook, eat an enormous bowl of fruit, work some more or read, write or spend time with friends, then for dinner I will have steamed veggies with brown rice or quinoa, salad, or more fruit. Occasionally I’ll have a green smoothie as my dinner, if I don’t feel like “eating”. And there is almost always a raw dessert in there somewhere. I make sure I don’t have any food at least three hours prior to sleeping. I’ll sleep for about nine hours and then a new day begins!


 Now, an example of one of those raw desserts I just mentioned is blueberry tarts. This recipe is SUPER simple, quick and delicious. If you crave some more decadent treats, check out my blog for recipes like deep dish chocolate peanut butter ice cream cake, or chocolate cream caramel bars. I know.


Blueberry tarts for two:


1/2 cup almonds

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1 tablespoon maple syrup


1 cup blueberries

2 tablespoons coconut powder (dried coconut process into powder)

To make the crust: process the almonds into powder in a food processor. Add the the coconut oil and maple syrup and process until it all sticks together in a ball. Press into two single-serving lined tart tins. Put in the fridge for 30-60 minutes or until solid. Fill with blueberries and sprinkle with coconut powder.

You can also find Emily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.


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